Saturday, 19 January 2013

Ajoke Writes: Write...or Die!!

Hello out there!!

I am super excited to finally be able to do this!

So finally after much thought, research and procrastinations, I finally take the plunge to start my own blog. To be honest, its been a long time coming but what with studying, a family, little kids and my own fabulous self to look after, it hasn't been an easy decision. But I enjoy writing, live and breathe music, it comes naturally for me and it will be unfair if I did not contribute my own quota to humanity in this way! Entre, therefore ATF, a blog set up to discuss news and events as they come up all around the world especially here in the UK...erm..but really the spotlight will be mostly on Africa *clears throat*   Anyways moving on....

The African entertainment scene keeps moving forward! Everytime I check on the goings-on in my home country, Nigeria, I see progress, desire for excellence and sheer determination. These guys are not playing. ATF is out to portray my beloved country and its people wherever they may be, in a positive light and hopefully light up the spark of inspiration in someone's heart. So i invite you music, movies, sports and showbiz lovers like me to join me on this ride...who knows where it will take us? Look out for my take on music, fashion, movies, sports and events, relationship, marriage and parenting discussion forums and most importantly..have your say!

And please tell a friend to tell a friend.

"If I'm able to keep learning, putting myself in a position to learn something else, and putting myself in positions where I can make it possible for somebody else to learn something, those are the major successes" Toni Morrison

Join me in making a difference.


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