Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ajoke Writes: Let he who stands....

Lance Armstrong

I am inspired to do better when I see individuals who have or are doing extremely well in their chosen endeavours. I believe we all have our individual strengths and weaknesses, however the ability to triumph and attain success; not just success but resounding success is deserving of a huge, long-lasting applause. The Barack & Michelle Obamas, the Maya Angelous, Oprah Winfreys, Beyonces, etc of this world are people that I greatly respect and admire, and part of my inspiration comes from their stories and the milestones and setbacks they have been able to surmount just to get to where they are. So imagine the feeling you get when someone you admire in this way lets you down and you find out they have lived it mostly as a lie so you were wrong to have emulated them in the first place.

Enter Lance Armstrong.

I am so feeling for cycling fans and anyone who looked up to Lance all around the world right now. I am not a huge cycling fan....let me re-phrase I am NOT a cycling fan but I am an ardent sports lover and if you were to ask me if I know anyone that has done exceedingly well in the cycling world, I would have easily mentioned Armstrong. I know he has won titles and had an amazing career and to hear all that was achieved through performance enhancing drugs was hugely disappointing. Even more disappointing was the way it was revealed, and the way he confessed to doing it. I don't know if it is just me but I am not sure if I heard or percieved a hint of remorse in that whole interview except of course when he made reference to his son which i think was a bit expected. Did you?

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Drugs are horrible. They might have a supposedly positive effect to start with, but the end there-of cannot and will not be worth it. We all have God-given abilities, who knows if even without the drugs he would still have achieved some if not all of the successes he has been able to achieve?  He is stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, The Sunday Times is looking to claw back over 1 million dollars in compensation paid to him after he sued it for false allegations of doping and the list of potential losses keeps growing.

My question: Was it all worth it?

Whats your take on the whole Lance Armstrong story? Oh and btw Ms Winfrey is baddass! I swear she possesses some supernatural powers! Or how on earth do you explain how she gets people to confess like she does? Ms Winfrey, if you are reading this, please I need you to show me the way...let me walk under your umbrella, ella, eh, eh, eh..*dreams*

On a more serious note, please NEVER EVER EVER do drugs. It sure ain't worth it.

"Be true to yourself, you are the only one you need to impress" Danielle Maylyn

Light & Love..


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