Thursday, 15 May 2014

600 Sit-Ups A Day To Keep Mel-B's Abs Tight..Now Those Are Some Killer Abs!

Singer and former Spice Girl Mel-B is known for her trim figure and killer abs but the mother of 2 revealed her diet and fitness regime recently admitting "I do half an hour of cardio and 200 sit-ups three times a day. I've always been obsessed with doing abs. I change positions every 10 reps."

Okay I am not sure if I heard that right but if my maths is any good that's 600 sit-ups a day plus one and a half hours of cardio...boy! She also sticks to a strict diet, having fresh fruit and vegetables and meals heavy in protein hand delivered to her everyday. I know how difficult diets and exercise are so kudos to her for keeping to a strict schedule. Well done and keep it up Mel!

More juicy pics after the cut...

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