Thursday, 7 February 2013

Guys, Is it EVER ok for a man to cry publicly?

Recently I saw a video online of a very emotional President Obama speaking to his campaign team after he got voted in for second term. In the 6 min long video, he is seen thanking his campaign team for their hardwork and excellent support and not so surprisingly tears up! This got me Africa where I come from men don't like to cry! If you are a man and you cry, especially in public, you are percieved as being weak. But is this true? Should a man hold back his emotions for the sake of being seen as a man, or is it okay for him to let go of the waterworks as the need arises? BTW, its not the first time I will see Obama cry though, did the same after the Sandy Hook shootings and I totally get him on that one.

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You can see the video here:

Guys..and girls too..let me know your thoughts on this

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