Monday, 1 July 2013

The Fun, The Gist and The First Photos from the Nigerian Events Awards 2013

Indeed, we have made it into the second half of 2013, how amazing is that? 

I rounded off the first half of the year on a really great note, attending the Nigerian Events Awards UK at the Hilton Hotel, Docklands on Saturday and having an amazing day with family and friends yesterday. I am positively pumped! Now if you missed out on the show on Saturday, do yourself a favor and kick yourself in the leg. There's always an issue people have when it comes to firsts where events of this nature are concerned; there is little or no belief in them. Everyone; from sponsors to partners to attendees don't think much of them until probably someone gives a positive review after the event must have taken place and a lot of people start believing in the vision after it must have been visible to almost all and sundry. Well, not me. I pride myself in "discovering" new talent going places pretty early and with the awards on Saturday, the trio of Vanessa, Jummy and Tope did not disappoint. These three have incredible vision, real talent and are bull-ishly hardworking! After months of preparation; interviews, arrangements, planning and tons of facebook pages, posts, status updates and tweets the event held and it was a beauty to behold. A beauty to behold dreams turn into reality and visions absolutely manifest in amazing grace. A beauty to see three women of different backgrounds, with differing values, visions and strengths combine all they have into achieving success on one night of total entertainment, fun and laughter. A night that afforded people the opportunity to turn out in their beautiful ensembles; trust Nigerians and fashion, you would have thought it was the Grammy's being hosted at the Hilton, beautiful women in their exquisite ball gowns and dresses turned up, some alone, some with their girls, and a whole lot more with their men in tow. Even my partner Nike gave the single girls keen competition in her short, shimmery, beautiful and...wait for, yes (RED!!) dress!

Overall, it was a lovely event aside from the fact that the event started behind schedule. (Oh yes, Vanessa, I was MAD about that cos then i couldn't wait for the whole event and missed out on seeing the winners for the different categories). The decor was stunningly magnificient, the food pretty amazing and there was plenty of laughter, gists, pictures and positive networking going on with talented and driven people. I am totally looking forward to the second edition next year and recommend you do too.

Clink the link for some pictures from the event.

Photos Courtesy: DJA Media Facebook


  1. Whoa! It was a beautiful night and proud to be a pioneer in this field.

    Thank you so much to all the sponsors, partners & finalists - everybody is a winner.

    Next Nigerian Events Awards UK is 25th May 2014 at the Hilton Hotel UK.

  2. Its soo fulfilling when you are part of History in the making. Passion and hardwork crowned with faith and prayers brought this to life. Truly a trend has been set for others to emulate. God bless all our Sponsors, Partners and supporters. See you all next year


  3. Well done babe! you have captured the event wonderfully well.

    NEA was a success I must say, kudos to all the organisers. Looking forward to next year by Gods grace.