Friday, 22 February 2013

Kim, Where Did All THAT Bump Come From?!


A week ago she was in Nigeria with a teeny bump, but yesterday, Kim Kardashian was spotted with a well rounded baby belly! She looks amazing with it though, better than she did when she went to Nigeria. You know, I wonder what really went off during her time in Nigeria, wish I could have a word with her on that. She looked tired and didn't really seem to have made an effort to look good, I get that she's pregnant but if you are gonna do it at all, why not do it well? I mean, this look here was not to an event or anything and its perfect.


Meanwhile the reality star has admitted that she would like to find out the sex of her baby. Looks to me like she's gonna have a girl! That round! Forgive me for being soooo Naija! lol...but we'll see if that's right at the end of the day, won't we?

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