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The amazing story of Nick Vujicic is one that has inspired countless people all over the world to find their purpose and live a meaningful life. He gives us all another reason to wake up, thank GOD for the priviledge to see another day, seize the day and make it ours.

Nick Vujicic is 30 years old and at that age has done more than most of us have ever been priviledged to do; he has travelled to over 44 different countries, does sky-diving, scuba-diving, horse-riding, swimming and surfing, has two Bachelor's degrees; one in Accounting and one in Financial Planning, all without any legs or arms.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Nick says no one sent his parents flowers when he was born even though he was the firstborn of the family. He remembered long stretches of frustration and sadness as a result of constant bullying at school and he almost committed suicide at the age of 10. But that all ended the moment he found Christ.

Today Nick is happily married and welcomed his first son this February.

"I have no arms or legs" he said, "yet I am complete and lack nothing"

His book Unstoppable discusses faith in action "Stop putting limits on God" he says “Whatever the fears are, God is bigger.”

It’s God, he said, who gives people the power to overcome.
In an interview with The Christian Broadcasting Network, Nick talked about questioning God:
“The question was, ‘Why? Why did you make me this way?’ And the answer was, ‘Do you trust me?’ … When you say ‘yes’ to that question, nothing else matters. … There is no point in being complete on the outside when you’re broken on the inside. And I found out that God can heal you without changing the circumstance.”

Need more reasons to stop putting limits on God and your abilities?

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