Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hot Video: Beyonce "Life Is But A Dream" Full Documentary


You think you know, but you have no idea!

Beyonce's HBO documentary Life is but a Dream aired in the US Saturday evening and was everything you will expect and so much more! The sexy artist touched on everything from her relationship with her father to her marriage and being a mom to Blue Ivy. And yes, there were, as I expected, lots of scenes with the super cute toddler.


The documentary also put to rest all those nonsensical rumors about her using a surrogate ( I never gave them much thought anyway). Overall a good look for Bey, I always say she has a fantastic way of dealing with the press; professionally, business-like and at her own time and pace! She also makes it all about the fans which is always a winner (financially and otherwise)


There is a paticularly cute moment when Jay and Bey sing to each other... too cute!

Unfortunately, the YOUTUBE video has been removed due to copyright laws after I had uploaded it Sunday night. However you can still watch the full documentary here

It's long but worth every second!

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