Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Motivational Mondays: Do it afraid.

 All hail Queen Bey!



By now, everyone and their mama has seen Beyonce's sensational half-time performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday. If you haven't, you seriously need to relocate back to mother earth and check it out. If you have, then you must have thought the same thing I did; that girl is an amazing performer and a superlative entertainer! She is beautiful, smart and extremely hard-working (as can be obviously seen in her performances; she stops short of perfection), but I have to give it to her on another level; King Bey knows how to keep making her money and stay relevant. Yeah, I know we have all seen it before, the lights, those moves, the performance etc but how easy is it really to keep recycling and keep getting even better results? I mean, all the time? Plus the girl ssssaaaang 'Halo' after ALL that dancing, give her a break!

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Its only 6 weeks into the new year but Bey has already had an amazing year. She has stepped up work on her new album, set to be released in April and has performed for the President at the Inauguration in January. She has, along with the other members of her girl group, Destiny's Child released a new album, which is a collection of various hits from their previous albums and one new song. She has also announced her Mrs Carter Show World Tour, is set to release a new feature length documentary film 'Life is but a dream, and will star in a new 3D animated film Epic which is set to be released in May. 

The superbowl performance is a really good move for Bey and one that comes at the right time. For the record, half time performances at the Super Bowl have always allowed the performer experience significant spike in weekly album sales and paid digital downloads due to the exposure; over 100 million viewers tuned in on Sunday. So what does the Queen herself do? She releases her Destiny's Child album days to the show and then brings the other members of the crew on stage in a surprise performance. I can literally see sales going through the roof!

This gets me thinking how a dream can pan out in different directions, giving rise to bigger dreams. It is impossible to see the end from the beginning but one can always start at a point and work through to the very top. People like Beyonce show us that by dreaming big, working hard and surrounding yourself with the right people, you can see your dreams come to life with the special effects! All lights, camera and action!

Today, I dare you to dream. Dream dreams so big, it gets you scared. Then start working on your dream..taking it one step at a time. Bite off more than you can chew and then chew it as fast as you can! If you feel you are about to choke, ask the Source of Living Water to refresh you and keep it moving. There is that one small step that you can take today towards actualizing your dream and it is NOT sitting on your backside. I know the big picture might at times seem daunting and unachievable when compared with your present circumstances. You might even have tried already and failed woefully or had backs turned on you when you needed help the most. But today, put this in your mind and never let it go: imagine if someone like Beyonce never tried for fear she might fail or if Obama thought much of the opposition he initially faced and backed down, where would they be? Worse still, how will they be feeling right now? My point, it is in trying that you can tell how far you can go. Notice I only said can, no cannots. That word does not exist.

Wouldn't you rather try and fail than live your life wishing you had at least tried?

I would.

P.S If you are in need of more motivation, check out Bey's recent GQ interview .

Love & Light


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