Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Would you re-marry your Ex?

Who wouldn’t be proud of having an all-star athlete
for a husband? Kobe Bryant was married to his high school sweetheart Vanessa for 10 years and had two adorable daughters (Natalia, 9, and Gianna, 6) along the way. But it was his adulterous behavior off-court, including an accusation of sexual assault, that had Vanessa file for divorce in 2011, citing "irreconcilable differences" between them. So we were more than surprised to hear their announcement that they were calling off the divorce to give their marriage a second chance! And who says high school sweethearts don't last?

 I got this anonymous piece from a lady based in the US and promised to share it. I have put up a picture of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, and Nene Leakes and ex-hubby Greg Leakes who have recently decided to re-marry after breaking up. The question is: would you do it? Do you reckon it is a good idea to re-marry an ex? Read below and let me know your thoughts! And please feel free to share!

"I met Tayo* in high school back home in Nigeria. We both had mutual friends and instantly fell in love with each other, spending every little free time we had in each other's company. Our love blossomed and soon everyone including friends and family became aware of our relationship and offered their full support. A few years down the line, Tayo had to travel to the US to study and needless to say I was distraught, but I held on to the hope that we will see again and bid him goodbye. It was to be another 4 years before we would set our eyes on each other.

While Tayo was gone, I focused on trying to secure admission into an American University so that I could join my boyfriend. Eventually I did and joined Tayo, and we both quickly settled down together. We picked a wedding date and married quietly in the presence of few friends and family. However, soon after the wedding, I uncovered heartbreaking proof that while I was still in Nigeria, Tayo had been seeing a girl who went to the same college as he did. The girl had even spent time with Tayo in the home we shared, cooking for him, cleaning and all the works. I was distraught and brought up the issue with Tayo who immediately accepted and apologised. However, all these apologies fell on deaf ears as I wouldn't have none of it, I was intent on getting a divorce and get it I  did; the marriage was annulled almost immediately.

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Few weeks after the annulment, I discover I am pregnant. I know I would have to carry on with the pregnancy and have the baby but I cannot bring myself to tell Tayo talkless of have him be a part of our baby's life. On the other hand an abortion is out of the question as my Christian faith will not permit me to have one. Meanwhile, Tayo has sent me unending apologies, love notes, gifts all in an attempt to have me back in his life. He has even asked me to marry him all over again! I really don't know what to do as the pregnancy is almost 5 months gone and even though Tayo does not know about it yet as I am not really showing, it is only a matter of weeks before he does. Please advise me! Do I get back with Tayo and re-marry him? I know you are wondering if I still love him and the answer to that is yes, but I worry that if I take him back he will do worse after I might have had the baby knowing fully well I have no intentions of having children around."

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