Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I stumbled on an old poetry book of mine and thought I'd share some of the writings that were in it. There are quite a few of them but I will probably share one or two when i feel like it over the next couple of weeks. The two I am sharing today were written in 2006 and it's funny because it was shortly after I wrote them that I started toying with the idea of blogging only to eventually start it in 2013...6 solid years after (funny..right?) Yeah and my 'Listen' was written before Beyonce's version, way before..but Beyonce's Listen is lyrically hot! lol  

Who am I?
Child, daughter, mother, sister, cousin
I do not know
I think I have been all of these and more
Provider, protector, soldier, carer, worker
All of these I have been except for one....
Who am I
Where's destiny taking me?
It's hard to know
Cos I discover I want to be
So many things
That I end up being none
I still struggle day by day
Trying to find myself
Find that one thing
That would make me fulfilled
That one thing I can say I did for me
Maybe it never existed?
Ooops thats the devil's voice
Oh yes it does
And I will be damned if I do not accomplish it
Achieve it and be fulfilled
For me it is the ultimate dream
Waiting to be actualised

What does it take to listen
What does it cost you to hearken?
My heart is broken
My hopes are sinking
My emotions are draining
And all I need you to do is listen
To my needs, my thoughts, my feelings
It's really not hard if you try
It's only hard if you don't want to
To my cries, to my fears, to my hopes
If I don't need you, I won't ask
If I don't love you I won't beg
For you to listen
Can we ever meet at a point
Instead of arguing
All I ask for is compromise
All I need is your re-assurance
All I want is for you to promise
You will stay right here
And do just that
And if you have to leave
Must it be bitter?
Speak sweetly, make me feel
Like I was special
Even if I no longer will be....

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