Monday, 4 March 2013



Can you imagine a peacock's colours being black and white? Grey? Or a rainbow being in bland colours? Would they still be called in the same names? Would they hold the same value, have us in the same awe as they do?  Would they have the same glory that they exude if they were grey? Would the stars still shine brightly if they were just white and not sparkly?  Some of us, no ALL of us are born stars, born to shine, in different ways and in different capacities. Our positions are irreplaceable, and if we do not fill them, no one else will. Why? Simply because no one else can. It remains empty. Our duty as living humans is to figure out our place, take our positions and begin to shine. Our individual glories are designed to complement each other, so instead of one star taking the shine off of the other, it instead actually boosts the others uniqueness while doing the same for itself.

What does it mean to shine? A true star shines on its own, but it also shines in the midst of other stars. It is not threatened by the sheer brightness of the star next to it, in fact it needs the other stars to shine so that its own beauty can be seen. Deep within us there is a star waiting to be unveiled, whose beauty is unparalleled and whose blistering, ravishing uniqueness is yet to be witnessed. A star that surpasses what has been seen and yet sets the pace for more to come, who knows its worth and refuses to allow itself be clouded. A star that shines ever so brightly in the darkness, because it cannot be stopped by it, who knows its worth lies in a purpose far greater than that money can buy. A diamond with blistering properties and qualities, undeniable value, unparalleled beauty that shines in the dark as much as it glows in the light.

You are that star, that diamond, that jewel of inestimable value and it is time for you to step out of the shadows into the wonderful light and begin to glow.  Take your space and begin to reflect your God-given light, it is unstoppable! Your life is far to precious to live it in bland dull colours, step out in faith and live it in full colour.  No matter how hard this week is, do something good for yourself and by yourself. Then find time to spend with a special someone. The moments you have now are precious, do not allow them go to waste, seize each day and lead it where you want it to. Love just because, give no excuses, no complaints and allow nothing hold you back.

And have the best week of your life yet.

Love n Peace

So shine bright, today, you and I
We are beautiful like diamonds in the sky
Eye to eye, so alive
We are beautiful like diamonds in the sky....Rihanna

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