Monday, 4 March 2013


Too often, we allow ourselves to see our cups as half empty rather than half full. The obstacles, issues, problems and reasons why "we just can't" seem so great it appears to be a better option for us "not to do" than "to do". We find ourselves in this never-ending cycle of the same routine, we are as it seems, in auto-pilot mode, doing the same thing over and over again and before we know it our best years are gone. We can list countless reasons why our dreams cannot be achieved, our hopes cannot be realised, our thoughts remain inactive, why we simply refuse to live and just exist. We look outside of ourselves time and again for re-assurance, for hope, looking for a word from anybody, anybody at all: our partners, friends, family or religious leaders and yet when we do get the words, it just does not seem enough, it does not satisfy our gnawing hunger for relevance. We gratify our lack of self in mundane pursuits; the latest car, jewellery, hair, fashion trend. And yet when we eventually acquire them, we still stare at this gaping hole of lack and the cycle repeats itself all over.

In the past month, I was blessed to meet some wonderful, wonderful people who are dreamers and doers, who have dipped their hands in the plough and literally refused to look back. Some of these people are mothers, most have personal struggles but despite the challenges they faced and are still facing they have refused to leave their dreams in the back burner; instead they are taking little steps and strides towards their goals. In all these meetings, I am reminded that in order to succeed in our chosen endeavours, it is important that we surround ourselves with the right people. It is said that it is not what you have that matters, it is who you have by your side; having the right circle of friends will enable us to be constantly reminded to focus on our goals. It allows us to be accountable, having people around who will never allow a single day go to waste, who will always challenge us to rise to the occasion, who are not afraid to tell it to us 'as it is', no sugar-coating, no people pleasing, just straight up honesty. While we are at it, it might be worth it to also stress the importance of us being grounded to the point where we can also be receptive and teachable. This is extremely important.

It is time we realise the future is in our hands. Whatever we so wish to make it, whatever our dreams and aspirations, whatever our goals and pursuits, we have the power to make them happen. The answers do not lie somewhere outside of us, it lies within us! We have everything we need to make us successes, we have not even tapped into a tenth of our capabilities. This week tap into an inner being, look at things deeper and put in a bit more of yourself into anything you do. Surround yourself with positive minded people, ditch 70 percent of junk you have been assimilating from tv, internet, books and mindless gossip. Spend your time and resources more wisely; read a book, attend a seminar, use the internet to research sensible material, read life stories of people who have made it, be inspired, get lifted; re-awaken the real you! Whatever your struggles and worries, ditch them and spend your energy on the positives.


A xx

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