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On Love & Relationships: March Guest Writer-Akin Ameen.

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Today we are guest-featuring Akin Ameen, a relationship writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Akin's writings are factual and spot on with practical and realistic advise that I hope will inspire you to re-think your options, if need be or better still appreciate that which you have. This piece celebrates real women and the men in their lives and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!
You are a woman and not a slave. You are the greatest and the sweetest gift GOD gave to life. Stop complaining about how you were used and dumped. No one can sit on your back if you are standing on your feet. In life, the best way to learn is from other people's mistakes, to learn from your mistakes is more painful. No woman is considered ready until she stops making money her one and only priority when trying to settle down in marriage, what's the point of laughing when you can't open your mouth? Or good height and a bad heart? When a rich guy drives around you shout “Oh my GOD” but when a poor guy talks to you, you say “GOD FORBID!!!”. If a man is poor today does that mean he will be poor for life? Remember every glory starts with a story. Where a man is going is far more important than where he is at the moment. A poor man with great vision is a 1000 times better than a rich man with no direction in life. What drives a man is far more important than what he drives. Most women say they want security and happiness that's the reason for dating the rich. Dating the rich does not guarantee security and happiness in life. No one is responsible for your security and happiness in life. Those who find their happiness in other people will always remain sad when the person decides to leave. Of course romance can be hell without finance but there's more to love than just money alone. Any man that wins your heart with money alone may never see or treat you like a woman but like one of his many possessions that he acquired with cash. Most men pretend to be an angel just to get what they want,after getting what they want they turn to beasts. They take advantage of a good woman who falls in love with the wrong person in life. Most women are blaming the mirror instead of washing their face, they overlook a glaring obstacle because the guy is cute, presentable and good in bed. The most painful thing about relationships is falling in love blindly with someone who has another thing in mind. In a relationship people are like a car show room filled with cars of different models and shapes. Every buyer is important although it's really hard to know which buyer is ready to buy and which one is just wasting time. Mode of dressing or even test driving doesn't determine or guarantee which buyer is real.

The greatest mistake any woman can make in a relationship is to permanently put her life on hold because of love. Of course sacrificing is a must if you want a home. Compromising in a relationship is a two way traffic, never lose yourself while searching for your soul mate! Both of you must come to a conclusion that favours the two you. Relationship is not a career and marriage is never a job. Never stop working because you are married. If your husband is super rich and asks you to stop working make sure you have direct access to his assets and cash before agreeing. Life is full of ups and downs anything can happen to anybody at any point in life. A rich man can become broke within the blink of an eye. Anybody can break down or change at any time and an old angel can turn to beast. Many women are living a miserable life today because they are stuck with a man who treat them like trash because he knows they don't have another means to livelihood apart from him. Decision making can be very difficult if you are 100% relying on a man for everything in life.

The beauty of a woman is not only in her physical appearance, but in a beautiful heart that's made of gold. Beauty is nothing without dignity. Beauty without brains is a public display of cosmetic foolishness. It's funny when beautiful but fake girls wonder why men date them for a long time only to settle down with another woman less beautiful than them. Its because real men don't marry fake women no matter how long they date. The only place you can find a fake woman is temporarily in the heart of a foolish man, and when the fool becomes wise.the fake person is in serious trouble. Real men see beyond physical appearance alone. It doesn't matter how good you look until a man finds a wife material in you. You are still on holiday and there's never a vacation that lasts for life. You are the one who determine where a man place you. If you act funny men will take you like joke. When you are dating a guy for money,you have indirectly signed and agreed to his terms and conditions. If all your concern is all about cash alone men will date you and give you money but when he's ready to settle down he will look for a more decent girl who has more values and virtues to marry. Never allow any man to use a ring to put your life on hold. Relationship starts when two people agree to date. When your partner feels like he/she is doing you a favour by dating you, take the next exit. Whoever treats you like an option doesn't deserve to be a priority in your life. Life is all about choices. You can chose to be a good example or a bad lesson. Remember, a useless person is not completely useless because he/she can still be used as a useful lesson for the next useless person.... 

Most women are financially independent because they work so hard in life. They are very responsible and very disciplined as well. They are successful,wonderful and beautiful as well. But when it comes to their emotions they are the weakest of all. Most women dont know that kindness and weakness is never the same. Supporting a man financially is totally different from buying a man. When you give without asking just to make happy or stay with you then you are fooling yourself. There's no harm in supporting your man if he has a dream but a jobless man and a lazy man are never the same. If allowing a lazy and irresponsible man to lean on your back will break your spinal cord try and stand alone. If a story is too good to be true try and look again. Most women blindly use money to keep men in their relationship thinking they are trying to help. When kindness becomes a weakness anybody can take advantage of whoever is weak. Using money to keep a man is like buying a pet, whenever the pet gets a better offer it abandons the previous owner. When the heart is desperate for something the eyes and the brain becomes weak with no choice. Never fall in love without consulting your brain. The best way to learn is to look around. Every heart desire requires the brain to acquire because many heart desires have turned to life disasters......

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Akin Ameen is a writer and relationship coach based in Atlanta, Georgia where he lives with his wife and children. He is currently working on a relationship book which he describes as a 'definite best-seller'. He speaks five different languages including Arabic and Swahili. You can find him on Facebook

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