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A sense of understanding, acceptance and an uncompromising and unapologetic stance with regards to beliefs and ideologies are few of the traits I believe every woman should possess; in fact, they are, in my humble opinion, what makes a woman a woman, even though on most occasions they are the very same things that can steer people away from these type of women. Adichie possesses all of these in bountiful measures, straight-talking, witty, deep yet sensitive without hiding the truth, funny, confident, proud without being prideful; she delivers every time.

At least for me. And The Times. The Guardian. The Sunday Telegraph. Mail on Sunday. I could go on...

Channel 4 News Jon Snow sat down with the talented writer to talk about her new book 'Americanah' and Adichie answered questions on race, culture, love, her views on living in America ("I love America, but it is not mine") compared to living in Nigeria, and her obsession with hair.

I didn't understand Jon's question about whether Ifemelu's (Adichie's character in the book) love for her American boyfriend was 'superficial' as opposed to her 'organic' love for her Nigerian boyfriend Obinze. I believe it is totally possible for someone to love two people differently possibly at the same time. Adichie's answer to Jon's question was spot on:

I'm not quite sure what that is...I just can't help thinking that was such an English thing to say!

Watch the engaging interview below.

The full interview...

Adichie writes superb dialogue straight from the mouth of her people … This is a delicious, important novel from a writer with a great deal to say’ The Times
Read excerpts of the book here

'Americanah' is available now. 


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