Friday, 26 April 2013


Alicia Keys and this video is set to make you change the way you think about HIV; anyone could be affected and it's important for us to stand up for ourselves and ensure we are not victims. So you think you are in a married so that makes you safe? Think again. On a trip to Nigeria a few years back, I met a friend's girlfriend who was living with HIV, unknown to my friend. She was 24, beautiful, sexy and had a whole world ahead of her. And it took a friend of hers who knew about her condition to disclose it to my friend who then had to get tested himself and ultimately break up with the girl.

Now what makes this story unique is that the girl claimed she had got it from an ex who at the time of their relationship, was married. Does that not put his wife at a very high risk of getting infected? Could it not be that the poor woman could have been living with the virus for years without getting tested, because to her, she was married, faithful to her husband and believed her husband was faithful and as such did not need to carry on getting tested?

What do you think is the best stand to take where HIV is concerned, especially where you are in a relationship or are married? How often do you as a male or female think about the possibility of contacting the virus and what are the steps you take to protect yourself and your family?

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