Friday, 24 May 2013


London get ready for what promises to be the best music event of the year thus far in East London as Premier Avenue Ltd, the leading suppliers of sound and light equipment in the Entertainment and Media Industry bring together soul and gospel artistes for a day of lifting, inspiration and opportunity.
'Plug-In' the music event is on this Saturday 25th May 2013, with performances from gospel artist Obi Shine and Elgee and Open Mic sessions up and coming musicians. ATF had a quick chat with Mo Awosanya, CEO Premier Avenue Ltd to find out more about the event and what they have in store for us on Saturday.

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ATF: Tell us about this event, Plug - In. What can we look forward to on Saturday?  
Plug-In is a music event organised by Premier AVE Ltd. It is an event which showcases a few things, first being the company and all the services that we can provide. Second, the ability of the company to plan, organize and execute the project. Third, to showcase the company's partners and associates who are involved the event. Fourth, is to promote some establish musicians providing a platform for them to do what they do and fifth, is targeted at upcoming musicians and creative people hence, the open mic sessions. The event on Saturday 25th promises to be the best music event in East London so far this year and will not only be exciting but inspiring!

  ATF: How often do you intend to have the event come guess is that its an annual affair?
The event will take place at least once year but it is not the only event we will do. Our flagship show is called an "Evening of Soul" which focuses purely on the upcoming or established musicians and no opportunities for open mics. The flagship took place last year and this year we decided to vary it so Plug-In is a combination of "An Evening of Soul" and "Open Mics sessions". A few more events will take place before the end of the year.
ATF: I think a lot of people will be interested in the Open Mic sessions! Your lead act at the event is Obi Shine. Could you give us a little taster as to his abilities? What was the attraction for you?
There are two lead acts, Obi Shine and Elgee. Obi Shine is an inspiring and successful musician and entertainer who captivates his audience and gives them an unforgettable experience every time he takes the stage. He is predominantly a gospel musician who is versatile enough to give the audience value for their money and has excellent stage control.He is promoting his new album and would be doing tracks from the album not played before.
Elgee is an accomplished Saxophonist who has been playing professional music for over 15 years. He is also an excellent entertainer and has the wow factor that blows his audience away each time. He has a number of albums available on the market.  

To register for an open mic session or to buy your tickets, visit
For further enquiries about the show, call  +44 (0)203 468 5124


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  1. Oh really?! Would love to attend. Are tickets available at the door?