Saturday, 19 October 2013

First Django Unchained, Now 12 Years A Slave; What Are Your Thoughts On Slave Movies?

I have a thing against movies based on the slave trade years. I mean there were scenes in Django Unchained that I just could not watch, like the fight scene in Leonardo Di Caprio's living room or that scene where the one-eyed slave was ripped in pieces by those dogs, and even though they remind me of the struggles of black people and how far we've come in our fight for justice and equality, I would rather pretend as if those years never existed. But October is Black History Month and we have to pay homage to people who through their works and lives in times past, did a lot to shape our lives today. One such man is Solomon Northup.

Solomon Northup was born a free man. At the time he lived, in the 1800's that was a rare privilege. But sometime in 1841, he was kidnapped after being lured with a job offer and sold into slavery, working on plantations all over the United States for 12 years. Upon regaining his freedom, Northup published the book '12 Years A Slave' , an account of his years as a slave and sued his kidnappers and the men who sold him into slavery but his case was heard in Washington DC where as a black man he was not allowed to testify against a white person. 

A movie based on Northup's, described as "the most acclaimed and polarizing movie of 2013" and "easily the most detailed, unflinching and hardboiled portrayal of slavery Hollywood has ever produced" set to be released later this year,  stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon Northup and is produced by Brad Pitt and directed by Steve McQueen. Ejiofor says every young person needs to see the movie. In an interview with Vibe, the actor says: "I absolutely think that kids in school should see this movie. I think its never too late and it's never too early to start talking and learning about human respect. I think that's the overall message of this film"I know that as much as I would love to not watch the movie, I will infact be doing just that as my curiosity will, as always get the better of me.

Watch the trailer above and let me know your thoughts. Do you like slave movies? 

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