Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Where Is Our God-given Hair, Ladies?

Lately, I have been obsessing over how much weight I have gained in the last couple of years. I used to be a fitness addict until I had two babies in the space of 3 years and nearly every fit part of me started getting flabby. I would go for a quick 30 minute run on occasion, early in the morning before the girls woke up and while it upped my energy levels and kept me fit, it just wasn't enough. I needed heavier work-out routines. I needed to get back to my original figure and weight. I wanted ME back.

So I joined my local gym, Lifestyle Fitness.

3-5 days a week, 2 hours at a time, a Boxercise class every week and I am already feeling and looking so much better. Now don't think this post is about my weight loss journey or a sponsored post about my posh gym. No. But follow me, and you would find out more about what I am rambling on about in a moment.

On one such early morning visits to the gym, I had the opportunity to chat to a man who used the gym just like I did. I had snuck out at 6.00am as usual and walked 10 minutes to the gym, strolled in, did a few minutes stretch (which I find boring by the way) and promptly hopped on the treadmill. 40 minutes later I'm off the treadmill and stroll to the weights area to try do some free weights and that's when this man walks up to me. He appeared to be in his mid-forties and looked like he hadn't slept a wink all night. I asked him about this later and he was to tell me that he worked nights. Anyways back to The Matter, apparently Mr Night Worker had a question to ask me and he promptly did with the most inquisitive/surprised look on his face

"Is that all your hair?"

"Shuo!"  See me see wahala! Don't let my bobo catch you o!

Yes it is, thank you very much.

No, it is not.

Ah, yes it is.

"Can I touch it? I am so sorry but in all honesty I am not a perv or anything like that but it's just that I have not and I swear on this, seen a fully black lady with her natural hair, long and healthy, out like that in a very very long time. I don't know what it is with those weaves that girls wear these days but really they simply nauseate me. Seeing you with all this hair and God knows I don't mean anything stupid is a total breath of fresh air"

Awwww, thank you.

I assured Mr Night Worker that the hair on my head was all mine and that he was lucky to see it out in all it's glory because I had only just taken out my Brazillian weave 2 days before after having it on for 3 weeks. We had a brief chat about work-outs and things and I left the gym at the end of my session.

On my way home I reflected on my conversation with ol Night Worker and wondered really why I wear weaves and things. Is it because it's the current fad or it makes me look more beautiful or what? What is so alluring about another woman's hair on my head? These days I would see a woman walking ahead of me in jackets and boots all covered up cos of the weather and I would have to wait until she turns to ascertain whether she's white or black, the hair looks like a white woman's! Well and in most cases it turns out its a black girl o! I mean I'm ok with hair up to 14 inches, anything longer I wouldn't venture near! But I see girls with weaves all the way to their bottoms, I'm not being judgemental here but do you think it's going too far? Truly God made us all different for a reason, didn't he? Is it bad then to embrace who we are, I mean it's bad enough that I have to wear a perm but are weaves going too far?

What do you think? Do you love your weave and would never leave out your hair or are you team natural all the way?

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