Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hail The Best Man! Jay-Z Agrees To Be Kanye West Best Man For Paris Wedding To Kim Kardashian

 Finally he agrees! I am sure Kim will be over the moon as her dreams are finally unfolding.

Radar Online reports that Jay Z has finally agreed to be Kanye West's best man for his Paris wedding to Kim Kardashian, which means that Beyonce will be in attendance as well. Jay had previously declined the invitation to be Kanye's groomsman in the past with his primary concern being the media scrutiny involved and the possibility of the wedding being aired on Kim's reality TV show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. Kim has since shut that down by stating last week that the E! Cameras will not be allowed at the wedding, only filming events leading up to and after the wedding. And Kim and Kanye are following up with the success of their Vogue shoot, by having talks with the magazine instead for a spread of the wedding, a decision which Jay and Bey are said to be fully in support of.
See what super-stardom does to you, eh? It makes you have class! Sometime in the not so far past she would have invited all the cameras in for a wedding shoot but now?  Way to go Kim!

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