Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love is in the Air!

So Valentine's day is here again! And I see all the scramble for gifts and planning a special day out is fully underway, like we all need a day to remind us to love. The whole idea of Valentines is cool but this year I am thinking beyond roses and flowers and chocolate to uncover a special gift for my special someone and I hope you are too. It is important to show love in a unique manner as no two relationships are the same and there is something about your significant other that you can reach for to make them feel special in their own unique way.

The video I have posted above is by an amazing guy Paul Carrick Brunson who is one of the few people I genuinely look up to around. Known simply as the Modern Day Matchmaker or the real life Hitch, a reference to Will Smith's character in the movie of the same name, Paul is a man who dared to go where few men have touched and is doing a fabulous job of it! I have faithfully read his posts in Essence since its inception a few years back and the brother definitely knows his stuff! He hands out practical relationship advice that is easily relatable and applicable and has saved me on more than one occasion from making a right fool of myself! Check out his post on what not to get your man this Valentines and you will probably understand what I mean cos I know some of y'all probably broke those rules already (its not too late to fix it though) You can read it here

And while you are savouring that, ensure you have a day filled with love, romance and sweetness but don't let it end there! Keep the love flag flying, make it a part of your life and educate yourself on the art of giving and recieving love. Love deep, love hard there is really little or no time that we all have on this earth afterall; I am sure by now you have probably heard the story of Reeva Steenkamp and boyfriend Oscar Pistorius who 'accidentally' shot and killed her this morning. No one plans to bow out in this manner but when we do, it is our acts of love that live long after us and are never forgotten.

Have a splendid Valentines Day!



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