Monday, 11 February 2013


Yipppeeee!! My beautiful country is the champion of African football! How sweet does that sound?!

I am soo proud of these boys, they have totally done us proud! It's been 19 years since we won gold in football and it feels good to be back. After years of repeated failures and gambles, we are on top again and its totally amazing!

Maybe you share a similar history to that of Nigeria, you have labored and toiled for years without recording any success. You have invested your time, energy and resources on countless ventures that have yielded little or no positive results. Now you are at the end of your tether, you feel giving up is the only option as you are at a seeming crossroads.

Hold on!

You too can win!

Races are hardest at the final few laps, just ask Usain Bolt. But victory is for those who hang in there and do not let go of the dream! You can still win, if you do not give up.

Go into this new week with that playing in your head..I can still win, if I do not give up! It might take longer than you envisaged but it will be perfect timing. The journey might be harder than you thought but I promise you, you will see why at the end.

Just hold on. The world will rejoice with you soon.

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