Monday, 4 March 2013



With the huge success vodka brand Ciroc has enjoyed thanks to Sean Combs, the rapper turned entrepreneur is teaming up with actor Mark Wahlberg and Southern California-based fitness and wellness water brand AQUAhydrate to promote a revolutionary performance water that is set to be a hit with sportsmen and women and individuals who are passionate about high performance workouts.

Celebrities like Queen Latifah, Swizz Beats and Rick Ross are already endorsing the brand with Diddy even declaring the 27th of February 2013 AquaHydrate Day.
  “As a brand architect, I am incredibly passionate and equally committed to every aspect of the businesses that I get involved with,” says Combs.  “Partnering with AQUAhydrate and Mark is an incredible opportunity for me and I am looking forward to making history in the process. It’s important for me to be part of something that drives me and is constantly pushing the boundaries, and that’s what AQUAhydrate does.  Together, we’re going to take AQUAhydrate to the next level.”

According to the brand website, AquaHydrate is:
"A proprietary blend of electrolytes and trace minerals called ConcenTrace enhances our water with 72 different electrolytes and trace minerals. We source our electrolytes and minerals from the mineral-rich marine regions of Utah to ensure quality and taste. AQUAhydrate changes the "DNA" of water by using electrolysis (electric currents) to supercharge our water. Because of this, our pH level is raised from neutral to an alkaline pH9+ state without the use of liquid concentrates or additives"
At the press conference, the two businessmen spoke exclusively about their interest in the brand

“AQUAhydrate allows you to drink CĂ®roc vodka all night,” said Wahlberg. “This is a miracle cure for a hangover. I told him you’ll wake up fresh as a daisy the next day and that’s how I got [Diddy] on board.” Diddy also says “Chemistry is everything in a relationship. And, this man inspires me to be a better person. He’s truly evolved and I’m going through my evolution right now. When I’m waking up, he’s at church and he’s praying for me. And, that’s not a joke. He’s really committed to his faith and his family and to his craft and his profession. He’s somebody that I can honestly say that I look up to.”

Watch the two promote the brand in video below. On a lighter note, how much is this gon cost, Diddy? And when are we gonna have it here in the UK? To find out more or find them on facebook or twitter (@AQUAhydrate)

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